Summer Lovin' Challenge: Week 1

I think it's safe to say I've had a pretty bad week.  I did well the first couple of days, had a mixed day or two, and then completely fell off the wagon at the beginning of this week.  But, these are the things I've learned:

  • My TOM really messes me up food-wise.  It was particularly bad emotionally this month (that usually doesn't happen), but oh jeez was I just wanting to eat EVERYTHING.  I have to be prepared for that.
  • I need to do more meal planning.  There were several times where I almost opted for something cheesy, greasy, and bad because I had no idea what kind of healthy thing I could throw together with what's in my cabinets/fridge/freezer.  
  • I must commit to exercise.  I worked out twice this past week (three times if you count that crazy shift at work), and that's simply not good enough.  I must make the time for it.  It must be a top priority.  
  • On the subject of meal planning, I need to find easy, quick, convenient, yet healthy things to eat or make when I'm pinched for time.  Do you guys have any suggestions for healthy snacks or meals that can be made quickly/prepared ahead of time?  
  • I need to get more fruit in this house.  I need more money!  Argh!

Anyway, let's talk about progress.  I think I'll take new measurements every two weeks instead of every week.  Alexia wants to keep track of how many pounds everybody's losing, so I have decided to do the weigh-ins every week.  I just need to remind myself that this is not about the number on the scale - it's about making healthy habits that will last the rest of my life.  So, I will tell you that I lost 3.5 pounds last week and currently weigh 204.5 (so I guess I should quit bitching).   But I'm not super thrilled about it because I really didn't make much of an effort to change my habits last week.  But this week will be different.

This morning, as I was coming back to bed from the bathroom, I got a glance of myself in my dresser mirror.  It was one of those corner-of-your-eye kind of deals where you don't see things clearly, but you get the idea.  And I saw myself, for just an instant, much thinner than I am right now.  Must have been the angle my body was at, but it has stuck in my head.  And really, that's all I want.  To be thin, healthy, strong.  To stand up straighter, to have more confidence, to not let anything - not even myself - stand in my way.  This is what I want.  To have that image of myself become reality through dedication and perseverance.  I know that I can do this, no matter how many kit kat bars I try not to eat or the 50 eight week challenges it might take me to get there. 

So this week will be better.  For my own sake.  To prove to myself that I can do it. 

See you tomorrow. : )


  1. Im sorry you had such a hard week HUG! This week will be better!
    For snacks/meals
    keep salad around you can throw things on top like shredded chicken hard boiled eggs etc
    Cook up some filling for wraps so you just have to scoop it into a tortilla and eat no fuss
    For my super busy days I cant get around it I keep a couple lean cuisines and lean pockets in the freezer.
    Hope that helps :)

  2. You will get there hunnie. Planning meals is certainly something I struggle with. I've been using the Lean Cuisine and the WW meals. Because even when I do pick healthy, I have issues with portion control. It's great training wheels.

  3. Howdy- I'm a blogger over at Alexia's summer Lovin' challenge. Nice ta meecha!

    I'm now following your journey- feel free to take a peek at mine too!



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