I Like to Move It Move It

Hi friends!  I just wanted to post a quick little update about my super awesome day!  It was beautiful outside today, although a bit chilly for my taste, and I wanted to make sure I went out and enjoyed the lovely weather.  So, first I had a deeeelicious breakfast of half a Pink Lady apple (to which I have become addicted thanks to the fabulous miss Bitch Cakes), edamame hummus from Kroger on a piece of whole wheat toast, and a tasty egg fried in cooking spray. 

It was so good I might eat the same thing tomorrow!  I like to slice my apples up really, really thin for two reasons.  One, I have really sensitive teeth and I can't just bite into a whole apple.  We also keep our fruit in the fridge because we get fruit flies badly, so the thinner I slice an apple the faster it can warm up to room temperature and not hurt my teeth.  Second, I have to spend more time chewing, which makes me feel more full.  Since apples are already filling, it's like double bang for my buck - er, chew. 

After breakfast I went and took my new bike out (hope to get a good picture soon to show you guys), but it was so windy and still chilly that I was only out for fifteen minutes.  Also, I went to the gym yesterday like I said I would and rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes, so my quads were waaay more sore than I realized and more than fifteen minutes of bike time this morning just wasn't going to happen, haha.  Instead, I took my bike back home and went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful day.  I went without my iPod and walked around a track nearby my apartment.  Next time I think I might take my iPod.  The track and its park is located between two of the busiest streets in town (I'll have to snap a picture next time so you can see what I mean) and after awhile I got tired of just listening to cars whizz by.  It was nice to clear my head, though.  So I walked to the track, did three laps around it (each lap it .59 miles), and walked back for a total of around two miles.  I walk pretty slowly, though, so between my bike time and my walk I was moving for an hour and a half today!  I think that's pretty awesome.  : )

Another awesome thing is that my friend Katie has agreed to be my fitness buddy!  I really love the blogging community, but sometimes I miss having that real-life support and I've been hoping somebody would become my fitness buddy here in town.  Katie said that she wants to start working on her fitness again (she's a rugby player and used to be much stronger, but lately hasn't been playing much I guess), and since she has already graduated and can't use my university gym, we'll have to find creative non-gym ways to get exercise.  I think that's great because I'm graduating soon and will need to work out at home, and I want to get a good out-of-the-gym routine down that I can carry into summertime. 

Now that I'm finally not sick, I can't even tell you how great it feels to move and sweat again.  I'm actually looking forward to exercising every day, even if just a little bit.  I want to focus on moving for at least half an hour every day (not counting walking to and from class during the week) and finding things that I like to do.  I want to build a routine that allows my extra weight to come off while I'm enjoying myself, instead of focusing on losing X amount of pounds in Y time so that I can eventually enjoy myself in the future.  I know I'll be going on many more long walks - Katie and I have one planned for tomorrow, actually - and I want to build my set of fitness equipment at home.  I already have 5, 8, and 10 pound dumbbells.  I think my next additions will be a jump rope and some resistance bands. 

So, I'm off to bed hoping tomorrow will be another beautiful day filled with tasty food and happy exercise.  Hasta luego, amigos!  : )


  1. I like my apples sliced thin as well! Thanks for all of your encouragment on my blog! :)

  2. Hey!!!! Great to meet a fellow Hoosier. :-) I think I know the park you're talking about actually! I used to live in some apartments near it and it's where I did all of my Couch to 5K runs. Great place to run; always people there running or walking and plenty to look at. That said, I can't run without my ipod!


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