Summer Lovin' Challenge: Weeks 3 and 4

So, if I've been paying attention correctly, this concludes week 4 of the Summer Lovin' Challenge and phase 1. 

Although I asked for a weigh-in pass yesterday, I take it back.  Instead, I will take responsibility and accountability for my actions, eats, and lack of exercise.  My week 3 weight (last Wednesday) was 203.5.  My week 4 weight, taken this morning, is 206.  So in the last two weeks I have gained back 4.5 pounds, but I know it will be gone in no time if I put in the effort that I did the first two weeks. 

I spent some time last night thinking more about that identity thing I talked about yesterday.  I'm at a special time in my life.  I've graduate college, am just about to make some decisions that will really affect my career path, and this is the perfect chance to reinvent myself.  Hasn't this whole weight loss thing been about reinventing myself from the beginning anyway?  There is an identity I want to craft for myself.  I want to be a strong, independent, loving, responsible, and fun young woman.  I also want to be physically fit, unhindered by extra weight.  At 201.5, I got a taste of how unhindered my life could be, and I sure as shit want that more than I want 208, 206, or even 190 for that matter.  Being happy, healthy, and optimistic every day is so worth more than sitting on the couch and eating shit food. 

So, at the end of phase 1 of the challenge, I have realized that while reducing my calories can certainly help me lose weight I need to include some exercise as well.  The beginning of phase 2 happens to fall on the week after I've finished school, and since I don't work enough I have plenty of time to devote to making healthy choices and working out.  At the beginning of the semester, I signed up for a 12-week weight loss exercise program via email newsletters from an exercise expert lady at About.com.  I let all 12 weeks of workouts and nutrition tips float into my email inbox.  Reading over them, they're very similar workouts and goals to what I would be doing anyway, so I'm going to jump on the wagon a little late and start their 12 week program.  I love the momentum this challenge has given to my desire to shape up, and perhaps another program aimed at exercise will help the end of phase 2 of Alexia's Summer Lovin' Challenge be much happier and successful than the end of phase 1.

I was supposed to start the 12 week exercise program yesterday but ended up enjoying the night on the couch with my boyfriend (excuses).  I shall merge days 1 and 2 of the program into today since I had all kinds of excuses yesterday.  So, today, I shall do 20-30 minutes of interval cardio training and full-body strength training routine. 

I'm ready to get back on the horse.  With your support, I know I can stay on it for a little longer than two weeks this time.  : )

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