Introducing: To Earthward

Hello friends!

I have decided to start another blog.  This will be my third now - I am definitely addicted to blogging.  Being socially inept as I sometimes am, I have trouble expressing my emotions and thoughts aloud to other people.  I love that blogging lets me express what I have to say without the anxiety of having to get it out right on the first try.  I think "edit" is my new favorite word!

To Earthward

However, I don't plan on leaving The Act of Discovery behind unless you, my readers, move on.  As long as one of you is still following me, I'll keep posting.  I still want to keep thinking and learning about ways to be healthier, and my new blog really isn't the place for that. 

I went to the doctor this past Tuesday to have my knee checked out (finally!).  My doc made it clear that I would one day need knee surgery, but that a combination of naproxen, icing/heating, and coritsone injections would be able to put off surgery for quite a few years.  She also told me not to gain any weight, because each added pound would bring surgery from the distant future to the near future.  She did say I was a bit overweight, but not "excessively", which was nice to hear.  I even weighed in on their scale, fully clothed, at 200 pounds!  And while I was happy to see that number, it didn't give me an emotional high.  I think I've finally let go of the importance I used to assign to the scale.  It's a lovely feeling of freedom.

I should also say that my ex and I decided to get back together a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't want to say anything until I was sure it was real, haha, but it is!  I'm overjoyed, and making sure that I don't let my love for him overshadow my love for myself.  The long distance helps a bit with that, and I've also been trying to be more open with him about what I need/want.  Things are already better for me, and I'm much more comfortable with where I am emotionally than I was before.  I'm glad we had that little break, but now I'm really looking forward to our future together.  Unless I move across or out of the country, I don't see us ever leaving each other again.  : )

So, go check out my new blog if you like!  It is being hosted by WordPress, because I'm a total theme whore and they have a way bigger selection than Blogger.  <.<  But I hope you'll subscribe anyway, if you like what you read. 

Peace out, lovelies. 

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