Stylish Blogger Award!

What an awesome day!  Alexia over at Dimple Snatcher gave me the Stylish Blogger award.  Go check out her blog, she's wonderful.

According to the rules, I have to share seven things about me.

  • I love trying new kinds of food.  Actually, as I write this, I'm waiting on a text to hear back from a friend about going to an Indian restaurant later this week.  
  • Up until this past year or so, I never liked fish, onions, or tomatoes.  My cooking has gotten much better since I started appreciating these ingredients!
  • One of my favorite things to do is go grocery shopping.  In the past, I used to love seeing what new food products were out, what tasty things I could find.  Now, I love grocery shopping because I buy a lot of healthy food and I like seeing my fridge full of healthy things.  
  • My favorite form of exercise is dancing.  I've been taking bellydance classes for over a year now, and I love it.  It can really get my heart rate up and I've met the most lovely people by going to classes and workshops. 
  • Alternatively, my favorite thing to do in the gym is do jogging intervals around the track, but I don't do it often because being overweight has really impacted my knees.  I'm hoping to do a whole post on interval training soon!
  • I love to travel!  I've been to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, the UK (England, Scotland, Wales), and Amsterdam.  My ideal job would be to just travel the world, take pictures, eat great food, and meet awesome people and somehow get paid for it.  
  • My favorite food is cheese.  I love to eat cheese just straight, and I'll spend a lot of money to buy good cheeses.  I can definitely just sit down and plow through a block of cheese.  

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog! Looking forward to following along on your journey!! See you have been to Scotland! Yay! Where in Scotland did you visit?? I live in Glasgow =)

  2. Hi Eve! I have an uncle who lives in Edinburgh, so I went to visit him and I loved it! I think Scotland is a beautiful place, and the people are lovely. : )

  3. I love Edinburgh! Such a beautiful city and so different from Glasgow! =)

  4. I tired belly dancing in private once. I felt like an idiot. But now both you AND my cousin rave about it. Maybe I'm being to hard on myself? Perhaps I shall be bellying again!!


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